Soft Copy  VS  Hard Copy

Difference Between Hard Copy and Soft Copy?

As we have seen brief introduction about hard copy and soft copy. We will not explore the difference between hard copy and soft copy.

Hard Copy

They are physically available and can be touched by hands. They are transferred physically. They require printing costs. They can be converted into soft copies by scanning devices.

Hard Copy

Known as permanent copies. Any correction on the information saved in hard copy is not feasible. Carries a physical weight.

Soft Copy

Not physically available and can not be touched with hands. They are transferred digitally. Does not require any printing cost. They can be converted into hard copies by printing devices.

Soft Copy

Known as temporary copies. Corrections can be done easily. Occupies a digital space known as memory.

What is a Hard Copy?

Hard copy is a digital document. It is used to print the output. Hard copy is known as permanent copy. They can be physically touched after printing. They are known as physical copies. It can be anything like photographs, printed cards etc that we see or use in our daily life. The hard copy is shared by physical mode of transfer and cannot be shared online.

What is a Soft Copy?

A soft copy is also a digital document. It is used to save the information inside the computer or drive. Soft copy is used to save the output in memory storage device, hard disk, USB drive etc. Soft copy is known as temporary information saving device. They can be shared via email, messaging applications, etc.