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Altaf Sheikh who is popularly known as MC Stan was born in 30th August, 1999 in Pune, Maharashtra. He was born in a poor Muslim family. He likes to keep his family affairs private and not disclosed much about his family. He has his parents and a brother in his family. He faced criticism since his childhood because he was more interested in raps and songs rather than studies. His parents also didn’t supported him initially. There was a time when he had to spend his life on the streets as he had no money. The boy who struggled to meet his basic needs has now made into the list of India’s youngest singers, rappers, music composers and song writers.




Biography MC Stan

MC Stan started his career when he was only 12 years old with Qawwali. MC Stan was not comfortable with English language in the beginning, but afterwards he enrolled for English classes and began rapping when he was studying in Eighth standard. Before entering Hiphop, he tried his luck in Beat Boxing and B Boying. He first released his song ‘Samajh Meri Baat Ko’ in which he targeted Rappers Emiway and Divine.




He released many songs in his entire career thereafter but he gained popularity from the song ‘Wata’ which got 21 million views on Youtube.

After gaining popularity for his song Wata in 2018, MC Stan released ‘Khuja Mat,’ a diss track for Emiway Bantai. More than 35 million people have viewed MC Stan’s Khuja Mat on YouTube. He faced hatred from public after relase of Khuja Mat.




Thereafter MC stan decided to release the song Astagfirrullah in which he described his stuggles, money crunches and the mistakes made by him in the past. This song changed the perspective of people towards him. Later he released many Albums like Tadipar, which proved to be a turning point for his success and increased his fan following.

In 2022, the second Album of MC Stan was released in which many well known rappers like Raftar was featured.




MC Stan appeared as a contestant in Big Boss recently and was wearing an expensive neckpiece worth Rs. 70-80 lakhs.
Salman Khan praised him on the show for gaining popularity in just 3-4 years of his success. Salman applauded MC Stan and said he was proud of him.
He also revealed in Big Boss about his girlfriend Anam Sheikh with whom he would be getting engaged next year.




He currently lives with his family in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He earns in lakhs every month from his concerts and stage shows. Brand endorsements are also a part of his source of income. He owns an expensive Merceded Maybach. He has many followers mainly from Pakistan and India. MC Stan became the only independent artist from India to make his debut on the Spotify Global Album charts.




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