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Switch Type - Hall Effect Sensor.
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A switch type, Hall Effect sensor is a temperature stable, stress-resistant, Low Tolerance of Sensitivity micro-power switch. Superior high temperature performance is made possible through a dynamic offset cancellation that utilizes chopper stabilization. This method reduces the offset voltage normally caused by device over molding, temperature dependencies, and thermal stress.
Ordering No. Operation Type Package Voltage Range Output Current Sensitivity Price (₹) Download
MH281 Switch UA / SO 3V - 24V 50 mA 250 (175) Gauss 40 Link
MH282 Switch UA / SO 3V - 24V 50 mA 100 Gauss 40 Link
MH284 Switch UA / SO 4V - 30V 25 mA 200 (165) Gauss 40 Link
MH248 Switch UA / SO / ST / SQ 2.5V - 3.5V 2 mA 60 Gauss 40 Link
MH249 Switch UA / SO / SQ 1.8V - 6V 25 mA 60 (30) Gauss 40 Link
MH250 Switch SO / ST / SQ / UA 1.7V - 3.5V 5 mA 40 (30) Gauss 40 Link
MH251 Switch ST / SN / SQ / UA 1.65V - 3.5V 1 mA 55 (30) Gauss 40 Link
MH252 Switch VK / SN 1.65V - 3.5V 1 mA 50 (30) Gauss 40 Link
Solid state switch.
Magnet proximity sensor for reed switch replacement.
Current sensing.
Handheld Wireless Handset Awake Switch.
Limit switch.
The description and applications repersents a general switch type Hall Effect sensor. For each Hall Effect sensor mentioned above, description and application may differ so kindly check the datasheet of interested sensor provided in the download column before placing an order.

The cost differs for each sensor model under this category so kindly mention the part number while placing the order and we will revert you the exact price for desired product.
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Hall Effect Sensor - Switch Type
Hall Effect Sensor - Switch Type
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